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G. N. Garmonsway: Canute and his empire. 1964. 

Sven B. F. Jansson: Swedish Vikings in England: the evidence of the rune stones. 1966 

Gabriel Turville-Petre: Haraldr the Hard-Ruler and his poets. 1968. 

Dag Strömbäck: The Epiphany in runic art. 1970. 

Alistair Campbell: Skaldic verse and Anglo-Saxon history. 1971. 

Brita Malmer: King Canute’s coinage in the northern countries. 1974. 

Folke Ström: Níð, ergi and Old Norse moral attitudes. 1974. 

Harry Loyn: The Vikings in Wales. 1977. 

Ursula Dronke: The role of sexual themes in Njáls saga. 1981. 

John Kousgard Sørensen: Patronymics in Denmark and England. 1982. 

Raymond Page: “A most vile people”: early English historians on the Vikings. 1987. 

Anthony Faulkes: Poetical Inspiration in Old Norse and Old English Poetry. 1997. 

G. Fellows-Jensen: The Vikings and their Victims. The Verdict of the Names. 1995, repr. 1998. 

P. Foote: 1117 in Iceland and England. 2003. 

G. Nordal: Skaldic Versifying and Social Discrimination in Medieval Iceland. 2003. 

Stefan Brink: Lady – bryti andLord and   deigja. 2008. 

Richard Perkins: The Verses in Eric the Red’s Saga. 2011.



The Saga-Book archive can be accessed here.




The Study of Old Icelandic: An Introduction to the Sources 


Reader. Facsimiles 

Glossary and Index of Names 



Ágrip . Ed. M. J. Driscoll 

Clemens saga. Edited and translated by Helen Carron 

Einar Ólafur Sveinsson: Dating the Icelandic sagas 

Einar Ólafur Sveinsson: The Folk-Stories of Iceland 

Fourteenth-Century Icelandic Verse on the Virgin Mary. Ed. Kellinde Wrightson 

Gunnlaugssaga ormstungu. Ed. Peter G. Foote and Randolph Quirk 

Guta lag. Translated and edited by Christine Peel 

Guta saga. Ed. Christine Peel 

Hávamál. Ed. David A. H. Evans 

Hávamál. Glossary and Index. Compiled by Anthony Faulkes 

Hervarar saga ok Heiðreks. Ed. G. Turville-Petre 

A History of Norway and The Passion and Miracles of the Blessed Óláfr. Translated by Devra Kunin. Edited with an intro. and notes by Carl Phelpstead 

Hrafnagaldur Óðins (Forspjallsljóð). Ed. Annette Lassen. 

Íslendingabók. Kristni saga. The Book of the Icelanders. The Story of the Conversion. Translated by Siân Grønlie 

Richard Perkins: Thor the Wind-raiser and the Eyrarland Image. Frontispiece 

The Saga of Bishop Thorlak. Translated with introduction and notes by Ármann Jakobson and D. Clark. 

Dag Strömbäck: The Conversion of Iceland 

Theodoricus Monachus: The Ancient History of the Norwegian Kings. Translated and annotated by David and Ian McDougall 

G. Turville-Petre: Nine Norse Studies 

Two Icelandic Stories. Hreiðars þáttr. Orms þáttr. Ed. Anthony Faulkes. New edition, 2011.

Diana Whaley: Heimskringla. An Introduction 

The Works of Sven Aggesen. Translated by Eric Christiansen 



Prologue and Gylfaginning. Ed. Anthony Faulkes. Unicode version

Skáldskaparmál. Ed. Anthony Faulkes. 1: Introduction, Text and Notes. 2: Glossary and Index of Names. Unicode version of Skáldskaparmál 1

Háttatal. Ed. Anthony Faulkes. 2nd edition, 2007. 

The Uppsala Edda 

Illustration of three kings by Patricia Faulkes from the Uppsala Edda

Snorra Edda. Tr. Anthony Faulkes. Searchable version. 

The Fourth Grammatical Treatise. Ed. Margaret Clunies Ross and Jonas Wellendorf. 

A newly discovered manuscript of Magnús Ólafsson’s Edda 

Anthony Faulkes. Six papers on The Prose Edda: 

            Descent from the gods. 


            The Genealogies and Regnal lists in a Manuscript in Resen’s Library. 

            Pagan Sympathy. 

            The Sources of Skáldskaparmál. 

            What was Viking Poetry for? 



Bandamanna saga. Ed. Hallvard Magerøy 

Bishops in early Iceland. Tr. Theodore M. Andersson

Egils saga . Ed. Bjarni Einarsson. Map of Borgarfjǫrðr 

The Elder or Poetic Edda. Part 1. The Mythological Poems. Tr. Olive Bray 

The Fljotsdale Saga and The Droplaugarsons 

Færeyinga saga  (The Saga of the Faroe Islanders) . Tr. Anthony Faulkes 

Grottasǫngr. Ed. Clive Tolley 

Harðar saga

Heimskringla I. Tr. Alison Finlay and Anthony Faulkes 

Heimskringla I . Tr. Alison Finlay and Anthony Faulkes. 2nd edition 

Heimskringla II. Tr. Alison Finlay and Anthony Faulkes 

Heimskringla III . Tr. Alison Finlay and Anthony Faulkes

Hemings þáttr. Tr. Anthony Faulkes 

The Icelandic Rune-Poem. Ed. R. I. Page 

Illuga saga. Ed. and tr.   Philip Lavender 

The Life and Death of Cormac the Scald. Tr. W. G. Collingwood and Jón Stefánsson 

The Life of Gudmund the Good. Tr. G Turville-Petre and E. S. Olszewska 

Páls Leizla. Ed. and tr. Dario Bullitta

The Saga of Gunnlaug Serpent-Tongue . Ed. R. Quirk 

The Saga of King Heiðrek the Wise . Ed. Christopher Tolkien 

The Saga of the Jomsvikings . Ed. N. F. Blake 

The Saga of the Volsungs. Ed. R. G. Finch 

Specimen Lexici Runici  

Stories from Sagas of Kings . Ed. Anthony Faulkes 

Three Icelandic Outlaw Sagas 

Two Tales of Icelanders 

Rauðúlfs þáttr: 

            Anthony Faulkes: Rauðúlfs þáttr. A Study. Supplementary note (2007) 

            Rauðúlfs þáttr, text and translation 

            The Story of Rauð and his Sons. Tr. J. E. Turville-Petre 

The Bearded Bride. A Critical Edition of Þrymlur. Edited and translated by Lee Colwill and Haukur Þorgeirsson



W. E. D. Allen: The Poet and the Spae-Wife = Saga-Book XV:3 (1960) 

Árni Björnsson: Wagner and the Volsungs 

Richard Cole: The Death of Tidericus the Organist

R. T. Farrell: Beowulf, Swedes and Geats = Saga-Book XVIII:3 (1972) 

First International Saga Conference  1971 

Peter G. Foote: The Pseudo-Turpin Chronicle in Iceland 

Introductory Essays on Egils saga and Njáls saga 

Making History  

Birger Nerman: The Poetic Edda in the Light of Archæology 

Ólafur Halldórsson: Danish Kings and the Jomsvikings in the Greatest Saga of Óláfr Tryggvason 

Ólafur Halldórsson: Text by Snorri Sturluson in Óláfs saga Tryggvasonar en mesta 

Old Norse Made New

Neil S. Price: The Vikings in Brittany  = Saga-Book XXII:6 (1989) 

Alan S. C. Ross: The Terfinnas and Beormas of Ohthere  

Seventh Viking Congress  1973 

Sixth Viking Congress  1969 

Stefán Karlsson: The Icelandic Language 

Knut Stjerna: Essays on Questions Connected with the Old English Poem of Beowulf  

The Viking Age in the Isle of Man  (Ninth Viking Congress 1981) 

Viking Revaluations 

Anthony Faulkes: Miscellaneous articles and lectures: 

            ‘The influence of the Latin Tradition on Snorri Sturluson’s writings.’

            Last Rituals (review). 

            ‘A New Medieval Carol Text? 

            ‘Outlaws in Medieval England and Iceland’. 

            ‘Snorra Edda (Oxford Dictionary). 

            ‘Snorri Sturluson’ (Viking World). 

            ‘The Viking Mind’. 

Elizabeth Jackson: Old Icelandic Truce Formulas (Tryggðamál). 



Alice Selby: Icelandic Journal = Saga-Book XIX:1 (1974) 

Jean Young: Letters from Iceland 1936 

Jessie M. E. Saxby: Birds of Omen in Shetland. With W. A. Clouston: Notes on the Folk-Lore of the Raven and the Owl 

Thorsteinn Erlingsson: Ruins of the Saga Time. 

W. G. Collingwood and Jón Stefánsson: A Pilgrimage to the Saga-Steads of Iceland 

Matthias Egeler: Lejre. Ein mythologischer Führer 

Unpublished Stories and Translations 

Icelandic Folk Tales 

Icelandic Poems by Jón Helgason

The Life and Works of James Easson, the Dundee People’s poet. 

Faulkes CV & Publications 

J. A. B. Townsend: Index to Old-Lore Miscellany 

J. A. B. Townsend: Index to Old-Lore Series 

J. A. B. Townsend: Index to Saga-Book volumes 1–23 

Orkney and Shetland Records I  

Orkney and Shetland Records II  

Orkney and Shetland Records III 

Caithness & Sutherland Records 

Old-Lore Miscellany 1 

Old-Lore Miscellany 2 

Old-Lore Miscellany 3 

Old-Lore Miscellany 4 

Old-Lore Miscellany 5 

Old-Lore Miscellany 6 

Old-Lore Miscellany 7 

Old-Lore Miscellany 8 

Old-Lore Miscellany 9 

Old-Lore Miscellany 10 

Year Books I–XXIV 1909–1932

Book Covers and Illustrations